June 30, 2017
3 months and 5 days left
until our reunion.
Can you all believe it has been 40 years since graduation?  Boy how time flies when you are having fun!  The Reunion Committee is doing our best to construct this web site.  As plans progress we will be updating.  Stay tuned for further details!!!!

We are extending an invitation to all of our Cobbler friends to join us at this reunion.  Please share this website with your friends from other class years.  Also, be sure to register on the site whether you are planning to join us or not.  It's time to get this party started!

We started some photo albums. We know there are some fun photos out there.  Don't be shy.... upload them to the photo page. 

UPDATE:  Reunion Committee met on Monday, 27 February 2017 and the following information is provided:

    Rapid City has changed greatly in the past 10 years, the High School we graduated from has changed greatly also.  We are planning on having a tour of the old High School on Saturday, 1 July 2017, also on Saturday we will be having a Scavenger Hunt in downtown Rapid City.  Downtown Rapid City is so unbeliveably awesome, and is just fantastic, and those of us who live here are anxious for you all to see how wonderful it has become.  More to follow later!  

Purchase your tickets now!   

P.S.  If paying by check send to: Dawn Christensen, 4241 Foothill Dr., Rapid City, SD  57702

If paying by credit card click on Buy Tickets (on the left) on this site! 
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